FSJ – Voluntary Social Year

In cooperation with the state branch of the German Red Cross, Landesverband Badisches Rotes Kreuz e.V. and its regional office of Voluntary Services in Baden Baden, LaFT BW offers FSJ (Voluntary Social Year) positions.

If you are interested, please read about the general conditions at:
DRK-Landesverband Badisches Rotes Kreuz e.V.
(German Red Cross, Landesverband Badisches Rotes Kreuz e.V. )
Freiwilligendienste – Regionalbüro Baden-Baden

If you have any questions about a field of activity, you can contact us by phone on:
Maria Vetter
Tel: 07221-3 99 99 11

Send your applications to:
LaFT BW (Regional Association of Independent Dance and Theatre Professionals)
-Bewerbung FSJ-
Jägerweg 12
76532 Baden-Baden
or by email to laftbw@t-online.de

Activity description FSJ

What is expected from volunteers:

  • An interest in the arts and culture
  • Active participation in the field of the association’s work
  • Assistance in the management of funding applications
  • Interest in new tasks and methods
  • to bring one’s own interests and personal inclinations / abilities into the work process
  • friendly and open attitude, willingness to meet new people

Possible areas of work:

  • Support in administrative work or general office work
  • Communication with the dance and theatre professionals (by email and phone)
  • Assistance with projects within the association (e.g. symposia, studies etc.)
  • Assistance in organising seminars, meetings and events
  • Contribution of own skills and suggestions
  • Preparation of working materials
  • Updating the website and social media
  • Creating statistical evaluations