Concept funding

In addition to project funding, which has been available since 1997, the programme for concept funding was introduced in 2009 and is another important instrument for professional independent theatre in Baden-Württemberg, which should enable dance and theatre professionals to plan the further development of their ongoing artistic work. The aim of the funding of concepts is to support qualitatively outstanding individual groups (individual artists, GbRs, associations, limited companies, etc.) in all genres of the performing arts.

The funding of concepts promotes excellence and represents the special quality seal of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

The three-year concept must include at least three projects, at least one of which must be performed each calendar year. In accordance with the criteria of the individual project funding, the individual projects should deal primarily with socially relevant topics and be exemplary for independent theatre and contemporary dance in their specific aesthetics, exemplary experimentation and special interaction with the audience.

Applications for project funding can be submitted online from one month before the application deadline to midnight of the final day, 15 November. Instructions for making an online application with a summary of the most common questions can be found here.


Online Application for Concept Funding


The funding granted by the LaFT BW (Regional Association of Independent Dance and Theatre Professionals) is subject to the general secondary provisions for project funding of the state.

If you have questions about the application, please contact the office in good time (at least 2 weeks before the application deadline).