Funding for resuming productions

Since 2012, the state of Baden-Württemberg has been funding the restaging of productions in order to enable the highest possible number of performances. Many productions can only be performed four to five times due to lack of space or financial means. So it is always gratifying when, after a few months, the opportunity arises to resume a production which involved a lot of time and effort to bring to the stage in the first place.

Resuming a production can only be funded:

  • if 4 months have elapsed between the last performance and the time of its resumption.
  • at least 6 months after the official premiere
  • at most 18 months after the official premiere

The application must arrive in the LaFT BW offices no later than 2 weeks before the production returns to the stage.

Funding is only provided if there are sufficient funds available. There is no legal entitlement to funding. The maximum funding per individual artist / group is 5.000 EUR per year.

If you have any questions about the application, you can contact our office.